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Like in other perspectives of development, Bhutan has been adopting a conscious approach in promoting tourism, right from the time it opened its door for  international tourists, in the year 1974.  The regulated or restrained approach of tourism development of the Royal Government of Bhutan has its roots in socio-cultural ethos of the country and presently steadily growing tourism influx to Bhutan can be considered as reward for its patience, perseverance and the deep rooted value for its animates and in-animates. The tourists anywhere and everywhere and at any point of time are bound to be interested in something which is unique or different and therefore the prospective success of Bhutan can be aptly attributed as distantly destined outcome. 

Following the country’s far sighted policy of high value  & low impact tourism, we at BHUTAN ECO LODGES genuinely wish to create, develop and offer our esteemed guests, the  variety of tourism products and services that are :

·      environmentally / ecologically sustainable
·      economically viable
·      socially, culturally and psychologically acceptable


And the result of which reflects in :

·      an integrated and holistic approach to product development
·      capacity building in host communities
·      a sense and uniqueness of place
·      commitment to the greening of the tourism industry
·      support to conservation efforts
·      better standard of life to the hosts
·      environmental awareness among both guests and hosts


At all our establishments, we strive to :

·      Conserve energy
·      Use waster conservation methods
·      Use eco-friendly cleaning materials
·      Use products made of organic materials
·      Serve mostly local and organic food
·      Ditch disposable
·      Engage in composting
·      Active participation in environment conservation programs
·      Effective sustainability planning, maximizing social and economic benefits for the local community & enhancing cultural heritage

At BHUTAN ECO LODGES, we pledge to save the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling, for the future of the earth.